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Inspire Governance Services

Inspire Governance Services was established in January 2014 and offer an independent and professional clerking service to Governing Bodies of schools and academies across Sunderland.  Inspire Governance Services will support Governing Bodies to carry out their business effectively and discharge their powers in line with regulations. Our support is available to:-


  • Governing Bodies
  • Governing Body Committees
  • Headteachers/Principals
  • Individual Governors


  • Director/Trustee/Board Meetings and their committees
  • Trustees/Directors
  • Local Governing Body
  • Headteachers/Principals
  • Individual Governors

  Our Service Level Agreement, which includes a full description of the services and costs is available upon request.  For more information on Inspire Governor Services and how we can support your Governing Body please contact: Simon Allan Business Relationships and Governance Manager Tel:  0191 553 5994 Email: